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Hi, I’m

Dr. Renair Amin

Welcome to Holokleria Coaching!

I am your Crystal-wearing,

Reiki-Practicing, Chakra-Aligning,

Motivational Speaker & Spiritual Teacher .

What is Pink Love?

PINK LOVE is the awareness and love that moves within the heart chakra and the principles on which I do this P.I.N.K LOVE work. I will help you:

💖 Place emphasis on healing your heart to help guide you through barriers that prevent you from accomplishing your goals.
Instill self-love to maintain a new mindset and awareness
Narrate your story as you desire it to be in spite of how it may seem
 Know that through faith, all things are possible

Areas of Specialty:

LGBTQ Faith Trauma


Spiritual Development

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"Living with Trauma"

It's All About Pink Love, Baby!