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Becoming a vessel of PINK LOVE wasn't an easy process. The person I am today has survived addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault, depression, grief, divorce, religious trauma and domestic violence. Through each pit stop, I had my own "coming out" process. No longer could I stay in the darkness of each moment, I had to go through deep healing processes and get to know the new me. However, it was not until I had lost everything that I realized how essential self-love and heart chakra healing was in the restoration process.

Although I stepped out of the pulpit and away from traditional ministry, I had to accept that I still had a Calling on my life. Using the wisdom that I had learned from all of these experiences, I have been blessed to pen four books – Mental Silhouette, Domestically Cursed, Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop and Come with Me, Love: A 21-Day Journey into the Song of Solomon for Couples. Using these works as the foundation of my personal ministry, I have had the privilege of speaking across the nation helping others find PINK LOVE in their lives.

Besides being a life and relationship coach, I am also a inter-spiritual and interfaith marriage officiant. I have to be honest: Helping individuals establish the culture of their love so that they may BE love is the core of my existence.

It took me a long time to get to this place. You can't rush the process. You simply can't. Nor can you think you are exempt from needing to take some time to deal with life challenges. I did just that -- took some time to regroup. Taking time to address my own healing opened me up to new opportunities. I even entered the Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A pageant and was given the esteem honor of 2018 Miss Congeniality! IMAGINE THAT! 

Recently, I completed my Doctor of Ministry degree at New York Theological Seminary where I focused on the Faith Trauma of the LGBTQ Believer of Color. Now that I am done, I think I will take some time off of my education pursuits. Mainly because I also have an undergrad degree in Culture and Communications, Masters of Arts in Religious Education, as well as several coaching certifications from the World Coach Institute. That being said, my brain, as well as my student loans have decided that it is time for a rest.


But I am THE PINK LOVE SPECIALIST, so you never know....

“Life does not end at the end of the page nor chapter, and in some cases, it may be time to write a whole new book, and that’s okay.”