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I am a survivor of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, domestic/intimate partner violence, and sexual assault. What makes my story authentic is that it is real life. These are not fiction details. Since I lived through so many scenarios, it gives me quite a few angles to speak from.


I speak about the horrors and the triumphs. I don’t just try to make it seem like it is all roses and rainbows. I talk about the truth of the things I have encountered.

I am blessed to be a Voice who is able to share the knowledge that I have obtained. I have been invited to present workshops, as well as speak on panels at various conferences and events.


Here are a few topics that I have been blessed to share with others:


Signature Workshops:

Who's on Your Pit Crew?

Pit Crew Team Building for Spiritual Leaders

Embracing Your Sexual Being in Spiritually Oppressive Environments



Personal Empowerment

Intimate Partner Violence

LGBTQ-related topics  

Love, Relationships and Divorce

Sexuality and Religion

Team Building

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